Warranty Information

How do I register my product for my warranty to become valid?

You simply need to call us and provide your order number, postcode and serial number – this will validate the warranty. Your warranty starts from the date you receive the product.

What does my warranty cover?

If products are faulty

It’s our legal duty to supply products that are fit for purpose and meet satisfactory quality requirements. As a customer, it’s your legal right to receive either a refund, repair or replacement for products that are either faulty or not what you expected as per the Consumer Rights Act.

We’ll offer resolutions based on the timelines outlined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 for products purchased from 1st October 2015 onwards, and those outlined in the Sale of Goods Act for those bought prior to this date.

How long does the warranty last?

Each of our products come with a 12 month manufacturing warranty. Some products do come with an extended warranty, this will be stated in the back of your user manual.

What happens if my product arrives damaged?

You need to call us on the day of the delivery taking place to log the damages – please be advised that photos will be required.

I have a problem with my product, what do I need to do?

You need to contact our Customer Service Team who will ask you a series of troubleshooting questions and will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Servicing & Parts information

Do you sell spare parts?

We do sell spare parts, although we do not hold all in stock. We would hold some and order others from the manufacturers for you.

Do you offer servicing on the products?

We don’t have our own servicing department but we do have a partnership company that we highly recommend. If you call our Customer Service Team we can provide you with their details. Alternatively you can contact our Sales Team and they can tell you about our service plans we have available.

Product information

How long should I charge my scooter/powerchair for?

We do recommend that you charge your product on a regular basis for a minimum of 12 hours. If you are a frequent user we recommend charging the product after every use for 12 hours minimum (for example, everyday use). If you use the product irregularly we would recommend that you charge the product at least once a week for 12 hours.

Can my scooter be used in the rain?

Yes you can use your scooter in the rain. If it is snowing or icy, stay at home! Remember that ice, snow and slippery surfaces such as manhole covers, wet grass and drains could affect braking and steering. Use caution at all times. We do advise you to attempt to avoid heavy downpours as this can put the scooter at risk of water damage; if you do get caught in the rain we would highly recommend you dry the scooter thoroughly when arriving home

VAT exemption Information

What entitles me to be VAT exempt?

So long as you have a long term medical condition (that doesn’t consist of broken bones) this will entitle you to VAT exemption – for example arthritis, dementia, stroke etc.

Payment Methods

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept online payments in a secure environment using Secure Socket Layering technology (SSL) by credit card, or debit card. This means that on any page where you enter your personal information such as credit card details, the information sent to us is encrypted to safeguard your details. Encryption prevents other internet users from accessing this information.

You can pay at Columbus with the following cards: